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Scopello Boat Excursions and Zingaro Natural Reserve

A still clean corner of paradise

Scopello Boat Excursions


Our guides will accompany you for a trip by boat, through the visit of the ancient Tonnara (tuna fishery) and Faraglioni (Stacks) of Scopello, as well as the Zingaro Reserve. You can choose among “full-day” or “half-day ” activities formula. Departure is set from port of Castellammare del Golfo in order to reach Scopello, sailing through Cala Bianca, Cala Rossa and Guidaloca bay.


Scopello bay is famous not just for quality of  sea water and variety of marine flora and life, but also for the scenic beauty of the Faraglioni (great stacks). In the beautiful bay between the stacks and the old towers is the famous Tonnara, known since immemorial time and mentioned in documents dating back to the XIII century, still operating a few years ago with its beam, buildings, warehouses and the ancient Church.

Tonnara of Scopello, not in use nowadays, was one of the first in Sicily to practice tuna fishing, even before the advent of the Romans. According to some historical sources,  where now  Tonnara is currently set, it stood the ancient city of Cetaria, which was already existing  in the greek-roman era, that thanks to its strategic location could advantage of a sea full with fish. Centuries of culture and marine tradition are enclosed in the Tonnara of Scopello, a real charming place rich in history and legend. Today the Tonnara of Scopello is a touristic hotel complex and ideal location for filming movies and to set photo shoots.


Zingaro Natural Reserve Boat Excursions


We then  carry on with exploring the coast of the Zingaro Natural Reserve where you will admire the large valleys, the semi-submerged caves and pebbly coves that , seen from the sea , resemble clearer hollows  aside of the dolomite walls. The Reserve territory is characterized by a 7 km long coastline, starting from Cala Mazzo of Sciacca until Tonnarella of the Uzzo, and it mostly extends in the town of San Vito Lo Capo, then in the town of Castellammare del Golfo.


Zingaro Natural Reserve enchants for its harsh beauty, intense colors in every season, the white caves set in a turquoise sea, the ubiquitous dwarf palms, the lush Mediterranean vegetation, the tenacious olive trees and the majestic carob trees through which you can glimpse the graceful forms of farm houses. During the excursion, stops for snorkeling are provided upon request. To allow you to admire the beautiful landscape, we will cross at a slow pace: Tonnara of Scopello, Cala Capreria, Cala Disa, Cala Beretta, Cala Marinella and Cala of the Uzzo.


Scopello boat excursions and the Zingaro Natural Reserve.

  • Castellammare del Golfo
  • Tonnara di Scopello
  • Scopello Tonnara e Faraglioni
  • Faraglioni di Scopello
  • Lo Zingaro
  • Fondale Riserva dello Zingaro
  • Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro Tonnarella dell'Uzzo
  • Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro Cala Capreria
  • Cala della Disa
  • Cala Capreria Riserva dello Zingaro

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