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9 seater minibus rental

Right solution for your group holidays in Sicily

To share the journey is the best way to spend your holidays. SRC Rent Car provides special offers  to 9 seater minibus rental that you can get whenever you want to go for a trip on the  weekend, or for a long journey  with  your friends or  family, or even just for your job needs.


Why 9 seater minibus rental?


  • 9 seater minibus rental is for those who need more space, especially for storing luggages,  therefore it is ideal for families and large groups. Positioning  of the seats provides a way better visibility of the road and the seats themselves can be easily lowered to get a wider storaging space for your bags and luggages. The high roof, the central corridor and the large windows offer the best  comfort during your ride.
    Last but not least,  the safety and robustness features. Built according to the latest technology, 9 seater minibus combines style, space and security to provide a pleasant driving experience. Some of the  features that you will find include the standard classics: air conditioning, ABS, dual aribag, car radio with Mp3/Cd player and aux-in, large trunk, modular composition of internal seats.


  • Hiring  a van and travelling in groups is now easy and cheap. For 9 seater minibus rental it is not required any special license, if you own  a regular “ B-type”  license, you can drive it.


  • Try to multiply all of the advantages that you can get from the rental of a car (saving money, convenience, time optimization, zero worries) for 9, alias the number of passengers that can stay inside a 9 seater minibus, the perfect transportation if you need to  move in groups.


  • You can rent a 9 seater minibus for a trip, for a transfer to the airport, to transport the guests of your wedding, and so on… are you traveling with your family or with your friends? You come to town and you have a day off before taking a coincidence (a plane to a new destination or a ferry to some beautiful Mediterranean island ), what do you do? If you rent a 9-seats van  you can get the best from it! You can move without depending on public transport and then if you want to take a ride out of town you will not have to  take extra urban trains or buses: you only need  to decide where you want to go.


Rental for those who work


      • It perfectly suits to those following new job commitments. Maybe you want to take part in a business conference and your  colleagues want to share this experience with you. Therefore, one more reason to use a 9-seats van for your travelling is to do team building, which means  mixing business with pleasure.
        Why to work on the team, on the group, and organizing a corporate holiday but everyone moves with his own car? Then hire one of the brand new SRC Rent Car 9-seats van and get ready to organize unforgettable group trips. Even so, the team gets strengthened!


9 Seater Minibus Rental


Eventually, the advantages deriving from hiring a 9-seats van are clear: independence, mobility, easiness in planning  group trips. Whenever  you travel with your family, friends and colleagues, that is the ideal solution! Book online now!


SRC Rent Car right solution for your 9 seater minibus rental in Palermo, Catania, Trapani, Firenze, Pisa, Comiso and Milazzo.

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