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A constant support for the main events that valuate our territory

We believe in Sponsorships and the promotion of the territory


Sustainability is an integral part of our strategic horizon. Our social commitment is realized by supporting passions, through the sponsorship of projects and events in different areas.


SRC Rent Car is proud to sponsor the best of sport, music and entertainment of our Sicilian reality. From the young promise of Sicilian tennis, Anastasia Abbagnato, to the Italian Fencing Championships; from the concert of DJ Carl Cox in the fantastic setting of the Archaeological Park of Selinunte to the Unlocked Music Festival; up to the journey between the flavors of ExpoCook and adventurous ocean crossing in an inflatable boat with Sergio Davì!


Sicily is a place full of potential, travel on board our cars and support what you love!

  • Lighthouses of Italy Rib Experience 2023

    Lighthouses of Italy Rib Experience 2023

    Commander Sergio Davì left Genoa International Boat Show at the end of September to arrive in Palermo. It was a fascinating tour lasting about a month and a half sailing among the most beautiful lighthouses of the Tuscan archipelago, Sardinia, Campania and Sicily.
  • Unlocked Music Festival 2023

    Unlocked Music Festival 2023

    Through the music of the great artists, the festival aims to attract a large number of young people to raise awareness of issues of fundamental importance for the development of a healthy society. Among the main themes of this year, the focus will be on the legality and on the fight against mafias, on the fight against violence against women and on the fight against drug addiction.
  • Unlocked Music Festival 2022

    Unlocked Music Festival 2022

    After a three-year wait, Unlocked Music Festival proposes the "Music and Legality" project at the Selinunte Archaeological Park, a magical location where history, art and culture come together in a breathtaking landscape. A musical event that will show music artists of national and international reputation.
  • Ocean To Ocean

    Ocean To Ocean

    Sergio Davì, expert dinghy pilot, already famous for his incredible feats, starting from Palermo decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get to Los Angeles, California! 2 oceans, 3 continents and more than 100 days of travel in an inflatable boat, a unique project that we did not want to miss and that we will follow as Sponsor!
  • ExpoCook 2020

    ExpoCook 2020

    ExpoCook is a trade exhibition dedicated to the catering sector, where taste, in all its forms, is the undisputed protagonist. Four intense days at the Fiera del Mediterraneo in Palermo, dedicated to food and wine excellence, talks and cooking shows aimed not only at operators in the sector, but also at an increasingly large audience of enthusiasts.
  • Unlocked Selinus Music Festival

    Unlocked Selinus Music Festival

    "Music and Legality" lands at the Selinunte Archaeological Park, a project in a unique place, where time is suspended, immersed in another dimension: the "Sicilian" Greece finds here one of the highest and grandest examples of integration between urbanism, architecture and landscape of the entire Mediterranean.
  • Unlocked Music Festival 2019

    Unlocked Music Festival 2019

    The 8th edition of Sicily's biggest festival, the Unlocked Music Festival 2019, is split into two days entirely dedicated to music and healthy fun from the early hours of the day. This year's protagonists will be different types of music and international artists from three different generations, as well as the involvement of the island's biggest acts.
  • Anastasia Abbagnato

    Anastasia Abbagnato

    Once again this year we are supporting the young promise of Italian tennis: beautiful, talented and very determined to achieve her goals. Granddaughter of the famous ballet dancer Eleonora Abbagnato, Anastasia is travelling at very high speed to climb the competitive tennis rankings.
  • Absolute Italian Fencing Championship 2019

    Absolute Italian Fencing Championship 2019

    This year, Palermo has been named the 2019 "Italian Fencing Capital". From 6 to 9 June, the competitions of the 100th Absolute Italian Fencing and Paralympic Championships will take place. The kermesse, which will take place in the wonderful location of Piazza Bellini, is the last fundamental stage before the European Championships in Dusseldorf 2019.
  • Top Gear

    Top Gear

    In November 2014 "Top Gear", the famous BBC television programme broadcast in over 60 countries around the world, landed in Palermo and chose Sicily Rent Car as a partner to produce the trailer, for the new television season, at the airport of Punta Raisi.