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A passion become Company

About us: SICILY RENT CAR was born of the passion of two young managers, who have always cherished a deep interest in the world of Rent a Car. In the 2000s, in fact, they became part of a well-known car rental company. Thanks to their origins, they sense immediately that the rental cars, scooters, boats can become an opportunity for business investment, as well as an enthusiastic hobby having themselves a strong passion for the coast and the natural beauty of Sicily. So they decide to create the first car rental point at the Palermo Internationl Airport “Falcone e Borsellino”.


SICILY RENT CAR is a small company but the desire to stand out is huge… the results were not slow in coming: new strategies, many business operations, various offers and business proposals and here are the first satisfactory results. The insights of these successful young managers will lead them to success: SICILY RENT CAR with an exponential growth confirms the quality of its formula, and the strength of the project giving rise to the second car rental point at the Port of Palermo.


Meanwhile in Sicily continues to appear even smaller regional players, forcing SICILY RENT CAR need to cope with new scenarios, the result is the launching of a high-impact business and symbolic proposal: the “Full Service” package, SICILY RENT CAR cooperates with holiday houses, transfer service agencies and excursions.


In October 2014 “Top Gear“, famous BBC television program aired in over 60 countries in the world, lands in Palermo and chooses SICILY RENT CAR as a partner for the production of the trailer for the new television season.

2015 is an important year for the company, full of innovations and structural changes, but despite the enormous difficulties and the high competition, the expansion continues apace with the opening of the third car rental office at Catania Internation Airport “Vincenzo Bellini”.


2016 begins with a new challenge for SICILY RENT CAR with the new opening of the fourth car rental office at Trapani Airport “Vincenzo Florio”. Despite the extension of the service continues to increase, the company remains true to his origins while keeping a constant focus on innovation, and a car rental service comparable to the great International Brands.


2017 is the consolidation of the valid business project, in fact with the new opening of the fifth car rental office at Comiso Airport “Pio La Torre”SICILY RENT CAR confirms the first Sicilian Company with the largest presence in the island territory. Today SICILY RENT CAR is the right solution for all your needs to rent a car, ensuring the presence in the major tourist centres of Sicily: Palermo, Catania, Trapani and Comiso (Ragusa).


Do not waste any more time, SICILY RENT CAR world is waiting for you…