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About Us

A passion become Company

Francesco Scalia CEO SRC Rent Car

We are the ones sitting on the seat “NEXT TO YOU“, to give you advice as a perfect travel mate.


Car rental with us

SRC  Rent Car guides travellers to discover new roads. You choose where to go and how to pay, we give you the car and directions for your rental [our travel tips]. Our staff wants to be the friend you can always count on during your trip away from home. Think about it, no one can advise you better than who lives in that city!


That’s why renting with us is not just about getting the keys for your car, it’s about making sure you have someone by your side you can trust. Accuracy, transparency and kindness (as well as sympathy!) are the words that customers most often associate to our staff in their reviews. In every office you will meet a close-knit team with the same values that, thanks to the passion for their job, will give you a unique rental experience.


Our history

Francesco, the founder of SRC, brand of Sicily Rent Car, when he was a boy had only one dream (which has nothing to do with cars) to make people feel good through his music. For many years he was able to do it with good success, but later he gave in to the pressure of the society and in 2008 he started almost by chance to work for a big car rental company.


Francesco immediately falls in love with the world of rental cars, for him accuracy is everything and in the company he can take care of every car as if it were his own. He imagines himself as one of those travelers to whom he gives the keys every day and suffers with them when, due to old industry patterns, he is forced to refuse a rental.

He feels that world is too much tied to the past and in 2011 he decides to open his own company, to make the rental easy and affordable for everyone, giving the chance to rent a car even without credit card [how can you pay for the rental?]. Sicily Rent Car is a small company, the difficulties are enormous, the means limited, but the desire to emerge is immense… the results are not late to arrive.


Everything seems to go up in smoke a few years later with the separation from his business partner… but the way to go is clear in his mind, to be there in the strategic points and have a winning team to offer a car rental service that can fit the needs of each Customer.


What you can expect

Thanks to the teamwork SRC Rent Car today is present in all the Sicilian and Tuscany Airports, at the Port of Palermo and Milazzo, and this is just the beginning! [discover our offices]. The expansion continues with the new opening at Milano Linate Airport in 2023.


SRC Rent Car next to you, for a trip with us by your side!