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  • Hourly business car rental

    Hourly business car rental

    Today SRC Rent Car is the company that allows you to use your rental car only for the time needed for your business trips. Your new hourly business car rental! The promotion, for VAT holders, provides a reduced rate for the use of a rental car up to 12 hours from the pick-up time. The offer also includes unlimited mileage and the the exclusion of liability in case of damage of the rented vehicle.
  • Business rates and car rental zero deposit

    Business rates and car rental zero deposit

    With our business car rental your business trips will be a breeze! The Business Rate is a special rate SRC Rent Car designed for all those who travel for work and want to enjoy a special business rate. If you are a VAT holder or you work in a company and you need to rent a car for work, SRC Rent Car offers, through the Business Circuit, a range of special rates and discounts.
  • Monthly car rental

    Monthly car rental

    Are you waiting for the arrival of your new car and do not want to give up the comfort of get around by car or maybe this is not the time to buy a new one? The monthly car rental is the ideal solution, free from all contractual obligations of long-term rental, which provides a minimum period of 36 months. You can now have a car at your disposal and enjoy only the benefits! What are they?

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