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Monthly car rental

Right solution for your monthly car rental in Sicily

In the months between October and June, it is time for SICILY RENT CAR to let you access the monthly car rental, which is the ideal solution for business workers and for those people who need driving around the city but  aware of the many charges involved  when owning a car.

Choosing  your monthly car rental means to focus on your work, meanwhile qualified experts take care of the car. Monthly car rental offers you many advantages, first of all the Contract, by paying a fixed monthly fare, always  includes:

  • A  vehicle for the duration of 1 month, renewable at the end for 30 more days;
  • 3000 km included on the rental;
  • Vehicle quickly replaced in case of failure of the rented one;
  • Limitations of liability for damage, theft and fire with excesses;
  • Free road maintenance and assistance guaranteed 24/7;

Besides SICILY RENT CAR will allow you to choose from a wide variety of additional services such as: navigation system,  additional driver/s, super-reductions or exclusions of liabilities for damages, theft or fire,  driver insurance, vandalism insurance, glasses insurance and many more.


Choose your monthly car rental


To access the monthly car rental please contact your nearest SICILY RENT CAR office, or go on our website and click on the model of vehicle you want to rent, fill out the required fields by entering the dates corresponding  to 30 days of rental, then enter the promotional code “MENS30” and book it! The prices listed on the next page are meant to be VAT deducted.

If you want to rent monthly for work, remember that with Sicily Rent Car you can join our Business Rate; this will give you access to many other advantages, click here to take a look at the Business rental.

SICILY RENT CAR the right solution for your monthly car rental in Palermo, Catania, Trapani and Comiso.

Volkswagen Up!

1.0 Gasoline 60hp, 5 doors

€ 350,00 » Book now

Volkswagen Up! Automatic

1.0 Gasoline 60hp, 5 doors

€ 390,00 » Book now

Peugeot 108

1.0 Gasoline 69hp, 5 doors

€ 350,00 » Book now

Peugeot 108 Automatic

1.0 Gasoline 69hp, 5 doors

€ 390,00 » Book now

Fiat Panda

1.2 Gasoline 69hp, 5 doors

€ 390,00 » Book now

Ford Fiesta

1.0 Gasoline 80hp, 5 doors

€ 410,00 » Book now

Volkswagen Polo

1.0 Gasoline 60hp, 5 doors

€ 430,00 » Book now

Renault Clio

1.2 Gasoline 75hp, 5 doors

€ 550,00 » Book now

Peugeot 208

1.4 Diesel 75hp, 5 doors

€ 600,00 » Book now

Renault Clio Sporter SW

1.5 Diesel 80hp, 5 doors

€ 650,00 » Book now

Peugeot Expert

2.0 Diesel 120hp, Minivan

€ 1.200,00 » Book now

Renault Trafic Passenger

2.0 Diesel 130hp, Minivan

€ 1.200,00 » Book now