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Car rental FAQ

A simple guide for your easy car rental

Do you have questions about car rental?


You are in the right place to get all the answers you are looking for! Our team loves talking to our customers and has created a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to clarify any doubts you may have. If your question is not on the list, please contact us on +39 091203374, or email us at customercare@sicilyrentcar.it. Your question may be the same as that of other travellers, help them to rent a car without any doubts…


Enjoy your rental!

  • How can I make a reservation for a car?

    Reservations can be made directly online on our website, by contacting our reservation centre on +39 091203374, or by writing to us at booking@sicilyrentcar.it.

  • Is there a penalty fee in case of cancellation of a prepaid reservation?

    There will be a fee equal to 30% of the amount paid if the booking is cancelled up to 3 days before the rental start date.

  • What documents are required when collecting the car?

    When collecting the vehicle, you must provide an identification document and a category B driving licence in the name of the driver. Both documents must be valid for the entire duration of the rental period.

  • Can I drive in Italy if I have a foreign licence?

    All valid driving licences issued by a European Union Member State are accepted for rental, and must always be accompanied by a valid identity document. The holder of a driving licence who has been resident in Italy for more than one year is not obliged to convert the licence, but must have it recognised within 90 days by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

    If you have a driving licence issued by a non-EU foreign State, you need an International Driving Permit or a sworn translation of the licence in order to drive in Italy. Vehicles for which the licence is valid may be driven in Italy, provided that the driver has not resided in Italy for more than one year.

  • Do I need a specific driving licence to rent a 9-seater minivan?

    No, a category B driving licence is sufficient.

  • Can I rent a car also without a credit card?

    Yes, now you can rent certain categories of cars without a credit card, with simple procedures and no surprises.

  • Is it possible to use a credit card that is not in the driver's name?

    Yes, it is possible. In this case, the cardholder will be included as the main driver, as a guarantor of the rental, following authorisation to use the card.

  • How can I pay for a car rental?

    You can choose from several payment options: credit cards (Visa, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners Club and Discover), prepaid cards (Visa Electron and Postepay), debit cards (Mastercard Debit, V-Pay and Visa Debit), PagoBancomat and Maestro. Alternatively, you can pay by cash or bank transfer.

  • Is there a security deposit?

    The security deposit is always requested at the beginning of the rental, the amount depends on the rate, the category of vehicle, the coverage chosen or any promotions that are made during the year.

  • How can I release the security deposit?

    The security deposit can be released by pre-authorization on a credit card, prepaid card, debit card, bank transfer or cash. For more specifics you can read our rental conditions here.

  • How long does it take to return the deposit?

    • If it has been issued by credit card or prepaid card, the pre-authorization expires automatically within 21 days from the date of the transaction.
    • If it has been issued by debit card, Sicily Rent Car will arrange the reversal of the transaction within 10 days from the date of return of the vehicle. The date of re-credit of the amount depends on the bank circuit.
    • If it has been issued by bank transfer, in the same way within 10 days from the return of the vehicle.
    • If it was issued in cash at the same time as the return of the car, or at the end of the contract.
  • What is Pre-authorization?

    Pre-authorization is a temporary blocking of a specific amount on a credit or prepaid card and works as a kind of deposit. This operation does not generate any type of bank movement on the customer’s current account because it is not accounted for, therefore, IT IS NOT A DEBIT. The pre-authorisation has a maximum duration of 21 days.

  • What is the car rental Excess?

    The excess is the maximum amount, due to the Client, that can be charged in case of damage, theft or fire of the car. This amount may vary, or not be provided for, depending on the insurance coverage stipulated in the contract.

  • Are you inside Palermo airport?

    Sicily Rent Car office is located inside Falcone and Borsellino Palermo airport, exactly at the arrivals terminal. Once the agreement has been made, our operators will take you to the parking area outside the terminal for the delivery of the car.

  • Are you inside Catania airport?

    Sicily Rent Car rental point is located at about 100 meters from the arrivals terminal, inside a building dedicated to all the car rentals. The parking area is located just after the building.

  • Are you inside Comiso airport?

    Sicily Rent Car office is easily identified and located inside the arrivals terminal. The parking area will be indicated by our staff and is located at about 100 meters away from the terminal.

  • Are you inside the port of Palermo?

    Sicily Rent Car office is located at 100 meters from the main entrance of Palermo Port, exactly in via Francesco Crispi 122, under the arcade, in front of the Coast Guard.

  • Can I drop off the car in other stations?

    Sicily Rent Car has strategically located its offices at the main tourist hubs of Sicily, you can pick up and drop off your car at the airport and port of Palermo, Catania airport and Comiso airport.

  • What is the fuel policy?

    All Sicily Rent Car cars are always delivered with a full tank of fuel. The same amount must be present at the return of the vehicle, unless it is purchased in advance the service “full fuel prepaid”.

  • Can I return the car during office closing time?

    Yes, you can, subject to request and authorisation, by using the free drop-off service without an operator and leaving the keys in the keybox. All practical information will be provided during the contract phase.