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Next to this ability: disabled driving car rental

A service dedicated to those with disabilities who want a tailored rental experience

Disabled driving car rental


Next to this Ability” is SRC Rent Car’s new dedicated project that was created out of a desire to provide a rental experience for people with disabilities who want to use a car and be independent both on vacation and in their daily commute.


We strongly believe that the driving of a car by a disabled driver represents a real skill to be commended, hence the name of the Next to this Ability service.


SRC Rent Car is a partner of ANGLAT, a national social promotion association that has been working since 1980, including internationally, to represent and protect the rights of people with disabilities and their families, primarily in the areas of mobility, driving, transportation and accessibility.


The driving systems of the disabled car rental service are aimed at people with paraplegia, paralysis of lower body limbs, or absence of a lower limb. Below we represent a number of adaptations to our cars useful for driving by people with disabilities.

Disabled driving: electronic hand throttle

community code 25.04


Disabled car rental driving systems include the ring accelerator, suitable for operating the throttle control, placed above the steering wheel is suitable for people with limited lower limb function, paraplegia.


Acceleration is achieved simply by applying light pressure anywhere on the rim. Allows smooth driving in complete freedom by allowing both hands to remain on the steering wheel.


Reliable, maneuverable and super lightweight, it integrates seamlessly with the steering wheel. The disabled driving device is available in a Quick Release removable rim version.

Disabled driving car rental electronic hand throttle SRC Rent Car
Disabled driving car rental manual service brake SRC Rent Car

Manual service brake for disabled driving

community code 20.06


The brake lever is a disabled car rental driving device suitable for use by drivers with lower limb disabilities. The device is designed to allow the brake pedal to be operated using only the upper limbs.


With an innovative shape that is particularly pleasing to the eye, it does not obstruct the driver’s range of motion. The lever is designed and manufactured with an optimal ratio of force to resistance, thus ensuring greater and more effective braking with minimal effort.


The lever, for driving the car by a disabled person, is equipped with a button for operating the horn and a locking system to facilitate hill starts.

Disabled driving: left accelerator pedal

community code 25.07/25.08


Another driving system related to car rental for disabled driving is the displacement, to the left of the brake, of the accelerator pedal, which allows the driver to be able to accelerate with his or her left leg.


For safety purposes, as required by current regulations, the device is completed with a removable bulkhead useful for covering the original accelerator pedal.


The system is designed so that the use of the accelerator on the right can be restored in seconds and with great ease.

Disabled driving car rental left accelerator pedal SRC Rent Car
Disabled driving car rental infrared control unit SRC Rent Car

Infrared control unit for disabled driving

community code 35.03/35.04


Another useful adaptation to car rental for disabled driving is an infrared control unit.


The device applied to the steering wheel allows, by means of a push-button panel, very rapid operation of light controls, turn signals, windshield wipers, horn, etc… In addition, to facilitate night vision, illumination of symbols is provided by means of a button.


The device is equipped with a knob for turning the steering wheel and can be applied to either the left or right side. The remote control can be taken out through a button in the middle of the knob, and the rechargeable lithium battery provides a long battery life.

How to book Next to this Ability, your disabled driving car rental?


Booking a car rental for disabled driving is very easy, just fill out the reservation form, select the car category in the “N” group (adapted car) dedicated to disabled driving car rental and choose the adaptations available in the “Additional services” section.


As an alternative to booking online, you can contact the reservation center at +39 091203374 to speak with one of our consultants who will be happy to assist you in selecting the best driving system for your needs. Booking your car reasonably in advance will enable us to handle your request in the best possible way and ensure a safe service.

What driver’s license is required to access disabled driving car rental?


In Italy, there is a driver’s license for the disabled which, by law, is called a “special license.” It is not simply the classic B: special licenses can be A, B, C, D and thus allow the driving of different vehicles on the road. Obtaining a disabled driver’s license does not require particularly complex procedures. The procedure to be followed is practically the same as the one that everyone has to comply with: it is necessary to first undergo a medical examination for suitability and then the actual driving test.


What differentiates the special license from a common license is the indication of the necessary adaptations (in the form of codes, resulting from pathology and physical conditions) that the vehicle must necessarily have in order to be used by the disabled driver.


This type of license is issued after examination by a medical commission, which will be responsible for drawing up the list of mandatory adaptations with which the vehicle must be equipped in order to be driven by the disabled person concerned (examples: rim accelerator, manual brake, left accelerator pedal etc…).


What are vehicles adapted for disabled driving?


Adapted vehicles are cars with special customizations that make driving easier and help people with physical disabilities. According to disabilities, vehicles can be adapted with, for example, automatic transmission, knee-operated brake, foot steering, knob on the steering wheel, manual accelerator, and so on.


In the event that the Examination Board prescribes an adapted vehicle, any customization must also be recorded on the special driving certificate through specific codes. This means that the person with disabilities holding the special driving license on adapted vehicle will not be allowed to drive any other vehicle without the indicated customizations.

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