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Sicily stories by our customers

Hi, my name is Edoardo but everyone calls me Edo. I’m a sports agent and this is my family: Sandra, my wife, eccentric art critic, my son Luca, he studies cultural heritage and has a creative mind (all his mother!) and then there’s Cloe, the little girl of the house is still looking for her place in the world!


Originally from Turin, I had a fairly common life: friends, university, work until I met Sandra… she changed my life!


It was a dark Tuesday in March, I had an appointment with the director of a sports photo exhibition depicting one of my clients. The director was late and I was waiting for him there sitting on a bench. I was contemplating the emptiness when a young and sparkling girl sat by my side and asked me what I thought of those pictures… that’s how I met my wife.


Sandra is Sicilian and her passion for life is contagious, a real hurricane! It only took me a second to fall in love with her and her Sicily.
We still live in Turin, but we never miss a chance to spend time in her island. The creative Luca has come up with a fantastic idea, to write a logbook to share what we love the most about Sicily: unexplored places, curiosities, anecdotes and delicacies.


Sandra encouraged me to talk about works of art and the mystery in which they are wrapped. In her opinion I have a real talent, let’s hope she’s not so critical!


My wife, a food lover, will get lost in sicilian flavors and all the typical food.


Luca has been given the best task: to travel around Sicily and experience its beaches and places surrounded by unspoiled nature, every now and then we hope he’ll bring with him the little Cloe.


Follow us, you’ll see some great ones!

Tour of Sicily: Three sicilian beauties

Hi, it is Edo again  and today I want you to meet three beauties, three authentic wonders for your next Tour of Sicily: three beauties to discover, three pleasures to observe, know, admire.

Tour of Sicily: The Cretto of Burri

Transforming the pain of the tragedy of an earthquake into an incredible work of land art in perpetual memory: it’s brilliant! I’ll show you the impressive overall view from afar and the walk through the paths created within this structure.

Beaches in Sicily: a dip into the nature reserve of Capo Gallo

Have you ever taken a dive into a cave with crystal clear waters? I am Luca and today I take you to the natural reserve of Capo Gallo in my rental car. If you are an adventurous type, wear the costume and get ready to live an unforgettable experience!

Sicilian Food: the black bread of Castelvetrano

Hello! I’m Sandra, a food & wine lover, especially with Sicilian gastronomy. In this section I want to tell you about Sicilian Food. Each article will be dedicated to the discovery of flavors and smells typical of the Sicilian region, especially enhancing organic production.

Beaches in Sicily: Natural Reserve of the mouth of the Belice River

Hi, I’m Luca and I love Sicily! Today I’ll take you to one of the beaches in Sicily that I love the most: the Nature Reserve of the mouth of the river Belice, a place of unique beauty, that you can reach on board a car Sicily Rent Car as I did!

Tour of Sicily: the story of the three picciotti

Hello! I’m Edo some time ago I decided to talk to you about the beautiful things of Sicily, because I think there are so many treasures hidden in this land, anecdotes and curiosities that will surely intrigue you and can be part of your Sicily Tour.