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Car rental franchising

Design and implementation of a national network

SICILY RENT CAR is a reality in the short term that has the specific know-how, industry, organization, information systems, management and procedures, partnership agreements at national and international marketing skills and sales force designed to manage the activities of fleet management company owned fleet.


SICILY RENT CAR offers an implant short-term car rental in facilities that already operate within the automotive industry as car dealerships, repair facilities, while also offering a good alternative for those companies and/or individuals who need to diversify their business in a rational manner, activating the new area dedicated to the rental within the structure.


SICILY RENT CAR target is the continued development of its network through the design and implementation of a national network. The management of this company has both channels B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customer) and allows to SICILY RENT CAR to extend its franchisees countless benefits, high value-added network to the whole territory of the present national:


  • System management: software to create rates, bookings, contracts, invoices, claims, fleet
  • Employer training
  • Fleet: new and used vehicles, loading new cars, selling used cars
  • Marketing agreement: domestic and international agreements underwrite by SICILY RENT CAR
  • Marketing support
  • Output for franchisee working
  • New business opportunities and actions to acquire new customers, not only belonging to the Italian but foreign portfolio


The rapid growth of SICILY RENT CAR is the best confirmation of the validity of the project promoted by this young company. If you are interested in joining our network and to open an office in SICILY RENT CAR in your area fill out the form below:

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