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Sicily excursions

Many excursions in the enchanting places of the Island

It was decided to reward those who chose Sicily Rent Car, among the car rental companies  operating in Sicily, by creating a partnership in co-operation with a well famous local brand, leader in the field  and specialized in custom tours. Sicily Rent Car will give you the opportunity to choose among many Sicily excursions specifically designed for those planning to drive a car through the enchanting  places in the island.


With all its Events, Sicily offers in one place everything you are looking for when considering a tourist destination, such as the beautiful sea, the cities rich in spectacular monuments, the nature trails. So, it is possible to organize excursions in Sicily for just everyone.


Crossroads of so many civilizations that have been alternating in the hegemony over the island, Sicily has borrowed from each of them a piece of the puzzle that makes up the typical character of the people, as well as extraordinary examples of a cultural and artistic heritage rarely equaled in the world.


An Island to be discovered!


A mild climate and the natural environment rich in islands and islets, some of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches with untouched seabed, active volcanoes, mountains, plains and cities from the fascinating and intriguing Baroque face: all of this makes Sicily one of the most unique tourist destinations not just  in the Mediterranean area but in the world, then an ideal place for excursions.


Antiquities and traditions that show their magnificence alternating each other. There is something for everyone: for those loving art or for the ones  loving history, literature or even just the food. By taking part to our Sicily excursions, you will find “thematic” paths leading to basics and outlining a new and specific location of the various aspects and elements belonging to the sicilian culture and tradition.


Consult our Guides and visit different tours with our excursions, very sure about the fact that this island will satisfy your need of contemplating  wonders. Today, those who arrive in Sicily and choose to hire a vehicle, they can see what years and years of history did not take away with them.


To the traveler is given the daunting task of crowning or the nature or the man as the best contributor for the beauties that are today in Sicily. Or, just leaving aside the challenge, you will enjoy the mythical splendor that nature and man have spread in this land with the shape of a triangle.

  • Scopello - Zingaro Natural Reserve (boat)

    Scopello - Zingaro Natural Reserve (boat)

    During your holidays you can take excursions by boat or diving for a full day or half day in the company of our guides. Starting from the port of Castellammare del Golfo you can reach Tonnara di Scopello that opens into a wonderful view of the Scopello stacks also know as Faraglioni, continuing to explore wonderful coast of the Zingaro Natural Reserve.
  • Palermo – Monreale

    Palermo – Monreale

    Founded by the Phoenicians in the seventh century. B.C. with the name of Ziz (flower), was conquered by the Romans that give it its name Panormus (from the greek, all port). The city of Palermo, situated between the sea, the promontory of Monte Pellegrino and citrus groves of the Conca d’Oro, is considered the focal point between the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.
  • Valley of the Temples Agrigento

    Valley of the Temples Agrigento

    The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, declared by U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage Site in 1997, is considered the most sublime testimony of Greek civilization in Sicily. The archaeological tour is a journey through time along paths and endless landscapes, inviting tourists to advancing and admire the evocative remains of the glorious civilizations of the past.
  • Scopello – Zingaro Natural Reserve

    Scopello – Zingaro Natural Reserve

    Scopello, an ancient fishing village built on the site of the city of Cetaria, so called for the abundance of tuna in the sea. The Scopello tuna trap, is today a tourist resort, where you can admire the old equipment used to catch tuna. Today the complex is laid up, but everything is still, as then, perfectly efficient, from warehouses to the beam and to the vessels.
  • Segesta – Erice

    Segesta – Erice

    Segesta, situated in the north western part of Sicily, is one of the most important cities Elymian. The old city is located on Mount Barbaro about ten km away from Alcamo and Castellammare del Golfo. Segesta, such as Erice, soon was considered one of the major cities of the Mediterranean and of Hellenistic influence and also, in the fifth century, it had become the biggest rivals of Selinunte.
  • Trapani – Mothia

    Trapani – Mothia

    Walking through the historical center of Trapani Via Garibaldi, visit the Church of the Purgatory and the museum of saline. On Mothia island, which was an important trading Punic port, the remains of civilization and flourishing economic activity have been brought to light by a long series of excavations. Now there is a museum that collects prehistoric objects like Giovinetto di Mothia.