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Anastasia Abbagnato

Emerging athlete of the Sicilian tennis scene

“In my way of seeing things, successful Sicilian realities should be promoted and that is why I have chosen to sponsor events and athletes that enhance the value of my land”.


Francesco Scalia, CEO of Sicily Rent Car


Our core business is certainly the car rental but we like to tie our work to Sicilian realities that deserve support to emerge. For some years our company has chosen to support, as a Sponsor, a young emerging tennis player. She is already famous on the Sicilian scene and is rapidly climbing the Italian and European heights, we are talking about Anastasia Abbagnato.

Who is Anastasia Abbagnato?


From the chat we had with Anastasia, we realized that she is a very determined girl who is willing to do anything to achieve her goal.


Anastasia trains twice a day and dedicates her evenings to her studies. It can’t be easy for such a young girl to give up her social life and only go out occasionally on a Saturday night. But when she talks about tennis, her eyes sparkle, her unconditional love for the game can be felt, which goes beyond any sacrifice.


Anastasia discovered her passion for tennis at a very early age. She fell in love with it when she saw her father play, who only played as an amateur. She wanted to try out when she was about 5 years old and her father noticed right away that she had a good aptitude.


From the first moment she held a racket in her hand, she knew she would never stop: “Tennis is my whole life, not practicing is like not breathing, I could never imagine my future without it. I am very lucky, my whole family supports me and accompanies me on this wonderful path, I hope to make them very proud one day”.

Anastasia Abbagnato - Sicily Rent Car

Our contribution as Sponsors


We have decided to follow an athlete because we are connected by the same philosophy: in sport as in business, obstacles cannot stop us, with dedication and perseverance we can overcome difficulties that seem insurmountable, and never before have there been so many challenges to overcome!


We will continue to support Anastasia Abbagnato in her climb to the top of the podium. Our aim as Official Sponsor is to promote and support sport, art, music… to encourage the growth of unique talents that our island hides.


How many emotions we experience together! Defeats and victories, all for a common purpose: to make our Sicily unique with winning stories.