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Unlocked Music Festival 2022

When music meets legality in the largest archaeological park in Europe

“Living the Selinunte Archaeological Park at night is a unique emotion, the atmosphere you breathe looks like ancient Greece ambience, a historical background with a setting full of good music that accompanies a journey through time”.


Francesco Scalia, CEO of Sicily Rent Car

What is Unlocked Music Festival?


Music meets legality once again in one of the symbolic places of Sicily. On August 13-2022, the Selinunte Archaeological Park acts as a theater for the “Music and Legality” project designed by Valeria Grasso, the witness of justice who, after her complaints and her fight against the mafia, now she lives under guard, an initiative that has alreasy achieved 9 editions.


After the great success in 2019, which involved over 10,000 young people, a second appointment has been organized in Selinunte, within the largest archaeological park in Europe, located in Castelvetrano, in the province of Trapani. The choice of Selinunte as a location was not accidental because, along with the indisputable beauty of the ancient park, today it represents a strip of land sensitive initiatives that spread legality. On stage, performances by national artists such as Loverdose, Vltra and Daniele Travali alternated, but the great guest star, in this case, was one of the most popular DJs in the world: Paul Kalkbrenner.

Unlocked Music Festival 2022
Paul Kalkbrenner Unlocked Music Festival 2022

Who is Paul Kalkbrenner?


German producer born in 1977 is one of the greatest exponents of the Berlin electro scene. In fact, he began performing in Berlin around the first half of the 90s. His love for this city does not seem to fade, even if, above all, in the last 10 years it has changed a lot. “For me Berlin is the best metropolis in the world and offers a lot to everyone,” said Paul in an interview. As evidence of his particular bond with the German capital, we mention the film Berlin Calling, which sees Paul in the role of the protagonist.


On stage Paul Kalkbrenner offers a real electronic live, without limiting himself to a simple DJ set. Live he resonates and organizes its songs at the moment, proposing a unique show each time. He likes to call himself a “techno musician” rather than a DJ. It is for this reason that his dates gathering thousands and thousands of spectators.


For Kalkbrenner’s generation, the electronic music was not only a form of expression, but also the soundtrack of the reunification of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Our contribution as Sponsor


Also this year, we supported Unlocked Music Festival 2022, from the advertising campaign to promote the event to the big evening at the Selinunte Archaeological Park, we were there.


We want to extend our sincere congratulations to Unlocked, the organization of the festival, the administration, the police, the security and all the staff for making possible such an impressive event, rich in content with a high ethical value.


Music once again was able to attract thousands of young people who shared a moment of aggregation guided by a single principle: legality.


We are sure to be present also during future editions, because we hope that a remarkable project will continue to enhance our territory and the companies that constantly choose to continue working and investing in our fantastic island: Sicily.

SRC Rent Car Unlocked Music Festival 2022